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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

20 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day in the whole world. We must do some yoga asanas to be healthy and happy. And this is also the need of time. You can post pictures of yoga poses on this International Yoga Day to celebrate this yoga day.

If you know about Yoga and Yoga Asanas then here is a small quiz. You can participate in this quiz. The answers are also given in this quiz. So be honest and try your best.

Yoga Day Quiz:

Let’s start the quiz:

International Yoga Day

Quiz Rules:

International Yoga Day Quiz Rules

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Yoga Day Quiz

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Second Round:

First Question:

Second Question:

Third Round:


I hope you write your answers. And let’s check your score i.e. how many answers is right.

First Round: First Answer

Second Answer:

Second Round: First Answer

Second Answer:

Third Round: Answer

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IYD 20 June

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