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Delicious Coffee Recipes to Make at Home

Delicious coffee recipes to make at Home

Winter is one of the best seasons among all seasons for most of us except some. Most of us love to drink hot coffee and tea this season. Here we are mentioning some delicious coffee recipes to make at home especially in the winter season.

Why drink Coffee in Winter?

In the winter season, our body needs extra energy and calories for warming body. Here are some reasons why to drink coffee in winter:

  • Fight off the winter cold and cough
  • Gives instant energy to our body
  • Increases Warmth of our body
  • Reduction in tiredness and pain

So to keep your body healthy and fit in the winter season, you must drink one cup of coffee daily.

Different types of coffees for winter you can make at Home:

  • Cappuccino Recipe
  • Instant Hot Coffee
  • Spiced Coffee
  • Nutella Coffee

Delicious Coffee Recipes to Make at Home:

Cappuccino Coffee: Most of us like Cappuccino coffee the most. Make your coffee at home to kickstart your winter morning.

  • 3 tbsp instant coffee powder2 cup milk½ cup of waterSugar - To taste1 cinnamon stickA pinch of ground cinnamon(Additional)
  • Mix instant coffee powder with the water to form a brew and pour the brewed coffee into a cup and add sugar to taste.Boil the milk and the cinnamon stick in a pan (Just until the milk comes to a boil).Turn the heat down and let the milk simmer for around 10 minutes.Remove the cinnamon stick from the milk.Now, add the hot milk to brewed coffee and serve hot.Add ground cinnamon before serving.(If possible)

Nutella Coffee:

  • 3 tbsp instant coffee powder/granules1 cup milk or cream½ cup of waterSugar or sweetener(Any)1/4 cup NutellaWhipped cream and chocolate sauce for topping(Additional)
  • Mix instant coffee powder/granules with the water to form a brew.Add the brew, milk/cream, sugar, and Nutella into a small pan over medium-low heat.Stir until the Nutella melts and combines with the other ingredients.Pour it into a mugTop it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.(If possible)

Spiced Coffee: This coffee is for those who want a desi twist. You can add ginger, and cardamom to your coffee to make it Spiced coffee. It’s also a healthy and healing coffee that comes with fresh flavors.

  • 2 tbsp instant coffee powder/granules½ tbsp cardamom powder and ginger(finely chopped)1 Cup Milk and 1 Cup WaterSugar2 tbsp cream(Additional)
  • Combine coffee powder, ½ of the cardamom powder, Water and ginger in a pan to form a brew.Add milk and sugar and boil it.Remove the cardamom and ginger and pour in the hot coffee.Add the cream and remaining cardamom powder together.(If possible)

Instant Hot Coffee:

  • 3 tbsp instant coffee powder2 cup milk and ½ cup of waterSugar - To tasteChocolate powder(Additional)
  • Boil the milk and water in a pan (Just until the milk comes to a boil).Add instant coffee powder to itTurn the heat down.Pour it into a cup and serve hot.Top it with chocolate powder before serving.(If possible)

Note: Add sugar to your liking.

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