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Rules For Healthy Eating

Rules for Healthy Eating

We need energy for everything or for doing our daily works. This energy comes from food, how much to eat depends on our physical and mental work. We wanted to simplify the rules for healthy eating and make it simple for those who want to improve their lifestyle.

Limit your Food Intake

If you eat less than the food requirement of the body, then weakness will come, if you eat more than the body needs, then obesity will come. Eat as much as is necessary for the body.


Always try to eat at a proper dining table or on earth (ground). Never eat in your car or at your desk. When you make a point to sit down at a table and focus on your meal, you will be less likely to eat unconsciously. We should remain completely calm while eating.No anger, no worries, no stress, chew food, and eat it slowly. Eat food with interest and must take some liquid with food such as lassi, curd, milk.

How often to eat food?

How many times to eat in one day, this is an important question, in our Vedas, there is a provision for a person to eat twice. lunch between 1-2 PM and dinner before  8 PM. Some people do not eat breakfast in the morning and eat it directly in the afternoon, it is wrong. We should have a good breakfast in the morning and a healthy lunch in the afternoon, such as a vegetable, dal, roti, rice salad. Dinner should be light. It is not okay to sleep with a full stomach.

Liquids with food

Great if you could have a glass of lassi or curd in your lunch. You can also take it with food and a glass of milk after dinner or dinner. It helps to digest food. 

What to do after a meal?

Take a nap after lunch. It will boost you with energy. It is advisable to walk a little after dinner. We should walk at least a hundred steps after dinner. It maintains health. Sitting after meals is also not considered good, it brings obesity.

Say no to Junk foods

Junk foods are only packed with oil, spices, and preservatives. Junk foods are the mother of obesity. If you want to live healthy please avoid them.

Follow Rules For Healthy Eating And Stay Healthy

So these are some rules for healthy eating. Try to follow these rules and you will remain healthy and happy. Don’t forget to exercise daily.

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