5 Best Face Oils For Dry Skin

Face Oil For Dry Skin

All of us know that Skin is one of the most important parts of our body. We use many products to keep our face skin healthy especially if the facial skin is dry. We spend a lot of money on buying costly products to cure dry skin but still facing dry skin problems. Natural face oils can be used for facial skin to heal and fight many skin problems like dryness, acne, dark circles, dullness, tan, wrinkles, etc. So today, we will tell you about some Best Face Oils for Dry Skin which are very beneficial in dry skin.

Best Face Oils For Dry Skin

You already know or heard about some natural oils like coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil, etc. and their benefits on our skin. Here in this article, we will tell you about 5 best oils which are very good for dry skin.

  1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is one of the most important natural oil and used in many beauty products. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A which are very good for our skin. To keep skin hydrated, you must use Coconut oil.
  2. Argan Oil: Argan oil is considered the best oil for skin and hair. To treat acne, anti-aging, pimples, and moisturizing the skin, we must use Argan oil.
  3. Mustard Oil: Mustard oil or Sarson ka tel is one of the most selling natural oil in the world. Old people used mustard oil for their skin, hair, and cooking. It is very good for overall health like hair, skin, blood, knee. To cure dry face skin, you have to use mustard oil. It is also very affordable and can available easily.
  4. Lemon Oil: This oil helps in clear dull skin, kills harmful viruses and bacteria, and increases skin complexation. It is also used to cure morning sickness which is experienced in early pregnancy.
  5. Lavender Oil: Lavender oil helps in the reduction of redness and irritation on the skin. To keep skin moisturized, you should use lavender oil. To get acne-free skin you must use this oil.

How to use natural oils on the face?

The best time to use these natural oils is night. But before using any natural oils or any other essential oil, you have to take a patch test. A patch test involves placing a small amount of the oil on your skin area (any area on hand). Wait 24 hours to check for any reaction before using on face skin. If you face some allergic reaction then don’t use that oil on your face.

Steps to use natural oils on the face:

  1. Clean your face with suitable face wash.
  2. Take a small amount of natural oil and apply over face skin.
  3. Massage gently for 4-5 minutes and leave it for the night.
  4. Simply wash your face in the morning.

Note: To get benefits from natural oils, you must use any natural oil on your face regularly.

Why use natural oils on the skin?

Here are the main reasons why to use natural oils on the skin:

  1. No Side-Effects: Cosmetic products harm our skin badly after some time because they have a large number of chemicals. But the natural oils do not have any side-effects on our bodies.
  2. Cost-Effective: Natural oils are not as costly as compared to cosmetic products.
  3. Long-Lasting Result: The result of face oils comes slowly but remains for a long time as compared to cosmetic products.

To keep the long-lasting result, you should use natural oils for dry skin in place of cosmetic products.

Conclusion: Cosmetic products give instant results but don’t solve the problem of dry skin. To cure the problem completely, you must use any face oil for dry skin. But before applying any product on your skin, you must know about your skin tone.

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