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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Lockdown

Mother's Day Celebration

On Mother’s Day make your mother feel special and happy. Mother’s day is celebrated to honor motherhood. Here is a list of gift ideas you can try this mother’s day to surprise your mother during the lockdown.

1. A Day Full of Relaxation

It may sound easy to you but it’s not. Try to make a list of household tasks the day before and try to do as much as you can. 

2. Make a Breakfast

You can start the day with her favorite breakfast. You have to get up before your parents and make their favorite breakfast for them. 

3. Mother’s Day Card

Remember all those childhood days. Try to make a handmade card for her. Nothing can be more surprising than this.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

4. Pick all Old Photos

Try to collect all those old photos of picnics, weddings, festivals, and refresh all those old memories.

5. Make a Video Call

If you’re not at home with your mother, then take out some time for a video call with your siblings or other family members to have one virtual party.

6. Movie Time

Watching Movies together is a  good option that you can opt for on this day. Arrange some snacks too for it.

7. Try Stress Buster Remedies

Spa and salon are closed due to this COVID situation. So you can try giving her a head massage, painting her nails, oiling her hairs, feet massage.

8. Books

If your mother has a hobby of reading books, then you can buy some ebooks or get a subscription for her from any online platform.

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Conclusion: These are some gift ideas to celebrate mother’s day during the lockdown. Try these ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day and make this Mother’s Day special.

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